Top 5 Travel Apps

There’s no lack of travel apps cluttering up the Apple and Android marketplaces these days — and that’s a difficulty, as most of them are terrible. Sorting out ineffective ones from those deserving installing is not the most joy you’ll ever have with your smartphone, but no one desires to spend on a useless app.

If you have a trip coming up, Instead of spending several days from your busy life installing worthless stuff, begin with the listed 5 excellent travel apps.


Airport travel, particularly within the United States, can be a complex and daunting activity. MyTSA is a U.S. government-sponsored app, demystifying all the laws you need to follow to avoid a staredown and likely delays by security agencies who are attempting to do their jobs. Determine what things you can take with you during the security checkpoint and onto the aircraft, ask for live support from the Transportation Safety administration, examine how historically busy your preferred airport will be on a given day, how crowd-sourced safety wait times and share your estimates, look for stops and current weather conditions, and discover how to enter and sign up for TSA PreCheck to take you for security in an instant.


The app hunts for the most affordable and best choices via its travel partners. Like Google Flights, you can view the cheapest days to fly, and you can also get warnings when prices vary. Suppose you’re not sure where exactly you want to go. In that case, Skyscanner gives a category that lets you examine “Top Deals” from your most neighboring airport, as well as a curated list of aims at affordable rates. You can now control your bookings with status updates in Trips and move scheduled flights from one trip to another. This lets you shift stuff around without losing your saved details.


For a lot of travelers, Kayak has been the go-to trip plan destination for quite a while — and for a good reason. Like Skyscanner, Kayak examines across multiple travel sites for rental flights, cars, and hotels. Kayak usually has exclusive deals you won’t get on other sites, and you can place price alerts and manage Price Forecast to discuss whether you should purchase now or wait. Kayak also serves as a trip planner, giving up essential details at a glance like a hotel support number or gate number. You can also obtain these details in real-time and on devices like the Apple Watch. The app now recommends hotels at launch and can pinpoint results if you’re moving with kids, while the car research now supports addresses.


If you’re searching to receive the lowest price possible for an airplane ticket, you should install Hopper. Like Skyscanner and Kayak, you can view the most affordable dates to fly, but Hopper prides itself on being able to promptly notify you on the best times to purchase your through mobile push notifications. The company claims to help you save up to 40% on flights by going through and tracking billions of flights. The interface is user friendly, and Hopper states you can book a flight in a minute or less.


The app undercharges hotels by giving far lower prices and a more genuine experience by enabling you in staying with a local or in their apartment. This app also provides a feature called Trips, which gives Experiences to pick from throughout your stay — these are events you can participate in with local guides. Finally, the app will grow an all-in-one travel app that makes you plan your day, hire a car, and do more!

morocco city

How to Travel Safely in Morocco

Morocco, a North African country, is not as unsafe as you are thinking. In truth, it is a safe place to visit. Traveling there does not mean you are going to be assaulted or seriously hurt. The place is super safe for tourists now. However, if you are a female who is traveling alone, you will need to watch out a little more carefully. But you are still unlikely to face serious problems overall.

Traveling in Morocco requires extra attention because of the chances of something terrible happening to you. That doesn’t mean you will experience real physical danger in Morocco, but pretty crime and harassment may occur. However, if you desire to travel to Morocco safely without facing any problem, don’t forget to follow these seven simple rules.


Walking in a well-lit and busy area can be fine, but be careful at night. You never know what sneaks around the corner in the medinas. Petty crime is widespread here, especially against travelers.


A woman walking solo will draw a lot of wrong attention from men, an additional risk of being chased, and the possibility of groping. You can’t imagine how much worse it could be for a woman to walk alone in Morocco. So, if you are a woman, don’t go out alone at night.


Prevent skimpy clothing, and try to wear clothes in which your arms, shoulders, and legs are covered (especially if you are a female) to avoid undesired conform and attention to local norms.


You don’t travel wearing costly jewelry in a place where crime is common; it’s simple! If you travel while wearing jewelry, it will appear as a symbol of your wealth to people and try more to scam you in the markets or cheat you on the lonely roads.


Scams and pickpockets are usual; carry as little as you can when leaving your hotel or hostel. And yes, don’t carry your passport with you. If you go out with your passport and your guide finds out about it, it is possible that he may get a heart attack!


Suppose someone asks you into their shop for tea. In that case, they may be using that as a pretext to get you to buy something and, it is possible, you’ll probably give in. Don’t write a letter or read a postcard of someone saying that their “cousin” sent to them in English, Spanish, or whatever your native language is. It’s a trick to get you into their shop and wear you down. So, all you have to do to avoid these scams, Say “no thank-you” and walk away.


The people saying “no money” surely wants your money. They will attempt to take you inside their stores or take you places and ask for money for the service. Just say a sweet “No” to them. Whether it’s an older man or a young boy, they will try to take your money if they start walking with you.


two classic luggages

6 Important Things to Do Before Moving to Another Country

A move to another country is filled with possibilities and can be the adventure of a lifetime. However, it can also be complex and overwhelming to execute. Here is a guide on how to proceed in a way that will make your transition as smooth as possible.

Embark on a Fact-Finding Mission

Do some research on the country you wish to move to. Find out what the climate is like, the language that is commonly spoken, the crime rate, and whether foreigners are generally welcome there. It is good to learn about the culture and whether it will be easy to fit in. If you’re into golf, find out where the best golf courses are with the best custom golf ball markers to collect.

A good source of information is from blogs posted by individuals who work and live in the country you intend to move to. If possible, plan a visit to check things out before you make the final move. While you are there, you can also look into accommodation options that are within your budget.

Check your Travel Documents

It is important to ensure that you are holding a valid passport. In addition, do check out the government website of your destination to find out the entry requirements for residents intending to work, live, or go to school there. Some countries will not issue visas to holders of passports with less than 6 months validity.

Look into Healthcare and Insurance Requirements

Your existing healthcare provider may not offer coverage for the period you are out of the country, therefore you may have to cancel your policy and obtain a different one. In addition, enquire about immunization requirements.

Put Together a Time Plan

This is an excellent way to ensure that you accomplish all that you need to in a timely manner, according to the order of priority. Items that can go on the time plan include:

  • When to hand in notice at your place of work and arrange for handing over.
  • Your pets may need vaccinations and documentation if you are taking them with you.
  • Arrange for a tenant or buyer for your home.
  • Sort out your possessions to determine what you will take with you, and what will go into storage.
  • Sell your car
  • Obtain an International Driving Permit if necessary
  • Turn off the utilities
Find a Reliable Shipping Service

A large part of your moving costs will go towards the shipping company. In order to lower the costs, ocean freight is recommended over air freight, however, the shipping process will need to begin as early as possible. This is because sea freight is slow and it may take 2-3 months before your belongings arrive at the destination.

Do make it a point to obtain quotations from a number of suppliers before you commit to a shipping service.

Inform Your Bank

 Your bankers and credit companies need to be advised of your intention to relocate. It is important to enquire about the level of transaction fees that will apply for cross-border banking. You may opt to open an international bank account for the movement of money. In addition, a local bank account will be useful for daily transactions.

Moving to another country is challenging, however, others have successfully made the move and are now enjoying rewarding and fulfilling lives at their new homes.

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Tips For A Road Trip On a Campervan

Traveling by campervan is like taking your home with you. It’s a great way to travel as you can enjoy the comforts of home and the charms of the outdoors at the same time. In addition, there is no packing and unpacking involved when you make stops along the way.

Other reasons you should consider embarking on a trip by campervan are:

It Makes Travel Affordable

When you travel by campervan you can carry your own food. Most campervans are equipped with a stove and storage space for canned goods. In addition, it is possible to purchase fresh ingredients as you go along, making for affordable, balanced meals. 

Traveling by campervan also means that you do not need hotel accommodation and this translates to great savings.

It Offers Freedom and Flexibility

With a campervan, you do not need to schedule stops in advance, since there are no hotel bookings involved. This means you can prolong your stay at a stop if you so wish. In addition, you can explore cities and the countryside at leisure without the fear of being a ‘no-show’ at your hotel.

What Are the Tips to Follow for a Successful Road Trip?

Take Time to Select the Right Van For You

It is a good idea to source a campervan that you feel confident driving. You need to consider whether you would prefer one with manual or automatic transmission. It is recommended that you take it for a test drive as it may be a bigger vehicle than the one you are accustomed to.

In addition, verify the engine power and find out what interior fittings are included such as air-conditioning and airbags.

Draft an Itinerary

Much as travel by campervan offers flexibility, it is a good idea to decide on possible stopping points in advance. Look up the available campsites and their attributes. If possible make reservations if you expect a late arrival, to ensure that you have a space set aside for you.

Arrange to travel during off-peak times, and find out where you can stop to stock up on supplies. Check out the opening hours of landmarks that you may wish to visit.

Draw up a Menu

Just as important as an itinerary, a prearranged menu will ensure that your meals are interesting and nutritious. Advance meal prepping will lighten the load, and a mini-fridge and cooler will come in handy.

Try to stick to one-pot meals, salads, and food items that are easy to prepare, or can be cooked over a campfire. Of prime importance are a variety of breakfast items to get you off to a good start in the mornings.

Pack Wisely

To avoid wasting precious time driving around looking for essentials, make a comprehensive packing list.This should include items such as:

  • A can opener
  • A cutting board
  • Toilet paper
  • Cleaning solutions, dustpan, and brush
  • First Aid kit
  • A torch
  • Tinfoil
  • Sunscreen
  • Sanitizer

It is best to pack clothes in soft-sided bags as they will be easier to store.

Keep in Mind the Weather as You Pack

Packing clothes that can be worn in layers will help you deal with whatever weather situation you encounter. Layers can be piled on when the temperatures drop, and peeled off when it is warmer.

A roadtrip in a campervan is an excellent way to enjoy the countryside whilst bonding with family and friends. It is a chance to get away from devices and simply meander through nature enjoying the simple things in life and creating memories.

man with huge backpack on the alps

Top 5 Destinations that First Time Backpackers May Want to Explore

If there is one adventure you should pursue at least once in your lifetime, it is backpacking. This is an economical way of travel that enables you to explore destinations at your leisure without being tied down to a schedule.

If you are a first-time backpacker you will need a destination that not only offers adventure but one that is safe and cheap. Important too is good infrastructure so that you can get around easily. Please find below the top 5 destinations that a first-time backpacker may want to explore.


If you have a strict eye on your budget, Thailand is the destination of choice. In addition to being entranced by the rich cultural experience, you will be surprised at the low cost of food and accommodation. Thailand is ideal for first-time backtrackers because there are hordes of travelers that precede them, hence they can draw from the experience of others.


Head for the East Coast; a good destination for first-timers. You can start your journey in Melbourne, and you will find that there is a wide selection of clean and affordable hostels, many of them with swimming pools. There is also lots to see on the East coast, such as the Great Ocean Road, Bryon Bay, and Fraser Island.


This is a backpacker’s paradise as you can island-hop at this beautiful destination. Greece is cheap compared to other countries in Europe and the islands are warm, the people are friendly and best of all it is safe for backpackers.

Accommodation is available in charming family-run establishments and hostels, and there is a good transport network. A good time to back-pack in Greece is during the shoulder season, namely late April to early June and from September to early October. This is when accommodation prices are not at their peak and the islands are not overrun by tourists.


This may seem like an unlikely destination for back-packers, however, Japan comes highly recommended, especially for first-timers. Apart from having an amazing infrastructure, the locals are kind and friendly. Contrary to popular opinion, it is possible to plan a budget-friendly backpacker’s holiday in Japan.

The countryside is beautiful and the food delicious. There is a wide array of budget accommodation available such as pods and spotlessly clean hostels. There is also the option of CouchSurfing which enables you to discover parts of Japan that are off the beaten track.


This South American country offers diverse outdoor activities and a wide array of cultural experiences. A highlight of your trip will be a visit to El Chaltén, a mountain village located on a river in the Los Glaciares National Park. This is the center of trekking in Argentina. You can walk along trails as you savor the spectacular views of glaciers, mountains, and lakes.

The city of Buenos Aires is also worth exploring with its interesting squares and monuments. There are pretty parks to relax in, and good well-priced hostels that offer great service.

If you take the plunge and embark on a backpacking holiday, you can confidently visit the above destinations, as they have been tested and tried. There is no need to wait, you can start planning your adventure now.


Useful Tips for Traveling with Kids

family of four on the pier during sunset

It is not unusual to see families with young children in airports traveling together. Some believe that it is good practice to travel with children from a young age, as a way to broaden their minds. This exposes them to new experiences and diverse cultures.

Traveling with children can however be a challenge. It presents certain obstacles; hence, here are some useful tips for traveling with kids.

Before departure
  • When packing, try to limit your luggage to essentials only. If need be, you can shop for other items on arrival. The less you bring, the more prepared you will be to carry one of the children if the need arises.
  • Book direct flights where possible, to avoid layovers.
  • Verify with the airline whether your family has been allocated seats together. As you do so, confirm that a bassinet has been requested if you are travelling with an infant and that meals for the toddlers are confirmed.
  • Reconfirm hotel, transfer, and tour bookings to avoid inconveniences on arrival. Remind the hotel that you will need connecting rooms and a crib if necessary.
  • Run through the itinerary with the older kids to put them at ease, so that they know what to expect.
  • It is a good idea to get to the airport earlier than necessary.
On board the flight

Children get restless on planes; therefore it is important to keep them entertained. Personal tablets and smartphones will keep the kids happy. Remember to download the relevant content such as movies, apps and games in advance. Headphones and backup power for electronic devises are essential.

You will need to pack plenty of diapers for the babies and toddlers as well as changes in clothing and formulae.  Remember to carry a puke bag and a change of clothing for yourself as well.

Carry an emergency kit with basic over the counter medicine to take care of upset tummies, allergies, and other ailments.

When you arrive at the destination

It is important to keep an eye on the children to know where they are at all times. Adults traveling together can take it in turn to watch the kids. As an added precaution, stick a contact card in their pockets with your name and cell phone number so that you can be contacted in the event they get lost.

Infants and toddlers

Babies under the age of 2 are usually content as long as they are dry, fed and their routine is maintained. Toddlers on the other hand need outlets for their boundless energy, hence it is important to schedule playtime accordingly and give them an opportunity to run around.

Older children

Older kids appreciate having a say in the daily program; involve them in decision making. Teenagers may wish to do some exploring on their own. This can be permitted depending on the circumstances and within reason.

Traveling with kids is a challenge, but the rewards are worth it when you watch them adapting effortlessly to new environments and adapting to a new cuisine. You will doubtlessly treasure the quality time that you spend with them.

6 Reasons Why You Should Visit Tasmania

A lot of people know that Tasmanian Devils can be found in Tasmania, and that’s it. Not many people know the munificence of beautiful scenery, lush green wilderness, and breathtaking views that this country has to offer. Located south of the Australia mainland is this isolated island state. Tasmania offers a lot of reasons on why you should visit this gem of an island, here’s just 6 of those reasons.


Only a few people know that the Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights also has a southern counterpart known as Aurora Australis. This mesmerizing wonder of the universe is a sight to behold, with green, purple, pink and blue spectacle dancing in the night sky. Tasmania is one of the lucky places where this dancing lights are seen.


Popularly known as MONA, is the most eclectic art museum you could ever go to. This privately funded art house is home to a “Poop Machine” that is excreting a turd, a fat red Porsche, a living man called “Tattoo Tim” sitting there all day displaying his body full of tattoos, and a whole lot of quirky and out-of-this world creations from contemporary artists. But blending with the new art galleries are the artifacts and antiquities.


One of the world’s biggest lavender estate is in Tasmania, with a whopping 120 acres of pure French lavender. Timing is of the essence since you would want to visit the place when the flowers are in full bloom. They also offer different lavender products including a lavender ice cream!


This charming little village is amusing because once you step in, you’ll be transported to a place far, far away called, Switzerland. This Swiss-style village had lived up to its name with fancy little shops, a golf course and a lot of little here are and there that is worthy of a snapshot


This alluring beach in Tasmania’s east coast, is as stunning up close as it is in aerial view. With the crescent-shaped white sand beach and clear azure waters, Wineglass Bay is nothing short of perfect. You can trek all the way up to the viewing platform for the famous wineglass shot or just book a scenic flight to gaze at it from above.


Of course, your trip to Tasmania will not be complete if you will not see these world’s largest carnivorous marsupials. The best place to see them would be in Tasmanian Devil Unzoo, where animals are free to roam around without any fences and can get you up-close encounters with other native Tassie animals.

5 Most Beautiful but Active Volcanoes in Asia

There is always some mystery to a volcano on how beautiful it is when it is dormant but can be very deadly when active. Its crater might be on top of its highest peak but it seems to connect us to the boiling center of the earth. Here’s the 5 most beautiful volcanoes to see in Asia.


Dubbed to be the world’s most perfectly shaped volcano, and for majority of tourists and onlookers it is a very convincing site. Its beautiful symmetry is what prompt the locals to call it after a beautiful lady called “Magayon.” But don’t be deceived by its symmetrical beauty because it is considered to be the most active volcano in the Philippines, known to be spewing rocks and ashes whenever it likes to.


Who would not recognize this beautiful and very popular volcano of Japan? It runs quite close to Mount Mayon for its perfect symmetry and its upper half is iconic for being white due to ice building on its slopes during winter. It is said that Mount Fuji is actually composed of 4 stories of mountain formed on top of the other mostly from eruption thousands of years ago, thus the elevation is now up to 3,776 meters the highest in Japan.


This volcano in Indonesia is part of a volcano complex, and has a turquoise lake on its crater. But no matter how mesmerizing the water is nobody is allowed to take a dip or even a tiny splash from it because of its very high sulfuric content. But what makes this volcano really special is its infamous blue flames which can only be seen at night. Locals call it electric blue fire because of how spellbinding the blue flames are. This fascinating phenomenon is caused when the high sulfuric gases from the volcano collide with a temperature of over 600 degrees.


Guishan Island in Taiwan is more famously known to be the Turtle Island because of its uncanny resemblance to a big turtle but what not a lot of people know that this harmless looking island is actually a volcano and the only active volcano in the whole of Taiwan. It is also a frequent place for dolphin and whale sightings.


South of the Caspian Sea looms a snow-covered volcano, Mount Damavand, the second highest peak in all of Asia. It may have not erupted for thousands of years already but it regularly emits fumaroles and sprouts hot springs on its base, a definite signs of volcanic activity.

Top 4 Places to Visit in Zimbabwe

Because of civil strife and political unrest, Zimbabwe’s tourism is not the most alluring to tourists. But painstakingly, this African gem, is slowly carving a name of its own as a travel destination. Awe-inspiring landscapes and exotic wildlife from left to right is a haven for the adventurous spirit. Their famous spots are mostly uncrowded leaving you one with nature most of the time. If you’re planning to visit this South African country, read through the list of top 4 places to visit in Zimbabwe.


The majestic Victoria Falls should be enough reason for you to visit Zimbabwe; who would not want to even marvel at the roaring beauty of the largest curtain of falling water in the world with a sprawling width of 1,708 meters. The natives call it Mosi-oa-Tunya meaning “the smoke that thunders” because of the mist and steam that sprung from the force of the falling water. Dubbed to be one of the 7 natural wonders of the world, Victoria Falls is straddling the border of Zimbabwe and Zambia.


A visit to Zimbabwe’s biggest park is a rewarding trip especially if you see the “Big Five” namely the lion, elephant, rhino, buffalo and leopard. This part of Africa is said to have one of the biggest population of thriving elephants in the planet. This vast national park has a big population of wildlife with 107 kinds of animals including some of the rarest animals like pangolins, servals, wild dogs, aardvarks and porcupines.


Explore the ruins of this Medieval City in the middle of the sub-Saharan Africa and experience a different perspective of Zimbabwe. From early 11th century to the 15th century, Great Zimbabwe was home to the Bantu civilization. Now a UNESCO Heritage Site, these vast ruins was once a flourishing city of more or less 10,000 inhabitants relying mainly to the gold trade but because of overpopulation and lack of proper source of food, the town was abandoned.


This is also another UNESCO Heritage Site in Zimbabwe extremely popular because of its distinctive rock formation. Colossal granite boulders called kopjes are unbelievably balanced on top of one another for thousands of years. These hills have been a shelter to people and wildlife as early as the Stone Age and has an amazing collection of rock paintings. The Matobo Hills play a huge part in the spirituality of the local community.

Things to Do When Visiting Malaysia

Malaysia is a melting pot of different cultures, Malay, Indian, Chinese, European and many more. It is considered to be one of the wealthiest country in Southeast Asia, and with this, Malaysia has a lot to offer tourists that would definitely make you thrilled and excited. Here are just some of the must-do things when you visit the country.


The Petronas Tower is undeniably the most iconic structure in all of Malaysia, and rightfully so because it is the world’s tallest twin towers with ultramodern engineering. The touch of Islamic design is a nod to the Muslim majority in the country. The sky bridge is the main attraction here with magnificent sprawling view of the city.


Acres and acres of tea make up Southeast Asia’s largest tea plantation. This 8000 acres of tea is a refreshing vista to behold. Know more about teas, drink some of it, buy tea souvenirs and products, and enjoy all the natural beauty of the place.


Since Malaysia’s major religion is Islam, it would be no wonder that there are a lot of mosques dotting the country. And the most extravagant and the most marvelous of them all is the Crystal Mosque. The fusion of steel, glass and crystal makes up this grandiose structure and the best time to visit it would be dusk when the mosque illuminated from the inside making it appear surreal.


Malaysia is a multi-ethnic country, so aside from Islam, there are also some minor religions that prosper one of these is Hinduism. Batu Caves is a famous Hindu shrine and its limestone hills and caves has been a tourist attraction for many years. The most challenging feat is the 272 steps going to the top with throngs of people also climbing and going down around you.


The country is also blessed with good beaches and the most famous weekend getaway for tourists and locals alike is the Langkawi Island. Laze around on the beach and enjoy the relaxing view of the Andaman Sea or swim in their azure waters and see diverse marine life. You can also shop all you want here since it has a duty-free status.


Your trip to Malaysia wouldn’t be complete if you don’t taste their staple food, Nasi Kandar or “mixed rice”. This is rice topped with flavor-rich curries and meat or vegetables, and there are just so many flavors that you can get addicted with. So treat your taste buds to this sumptuous Malaysian delicacy.