5 Most Beautiful but Active Volcanoes in Asia

There is always some mystery to a volcano on how beautiful it is when it is dormant but can be very deadly when active. Its crater might be on top of its highest peak but it seems to connect us to the boiling center of the earth. Here’s the 5 most beautiful volcanoes to see in Asia.


Dubbed to be the world’s most perfectly shaped volcano, and for majority of tourists and onlookers it is a very convincing site. Its beautiful symmetry is what prompt the locals to call it after a beautiful lady called “Magayon.” But don’t be deceived by its symmetrical beauty because it is considered to be the most active volcano in the Philippines, known to be spewing rocks and ashes whenever it likes to.


Who would not recognize this beautiful and very popular volcano of Japan? It runs quite close to Mount Mayon for its perfect symmetry and its upper half is iconic for being white due to ice building on its slopes during winter. It is said that Mount Fuji is actually composed of 4 stories of mountain formed on top of the other mostly from eruption thousands of years ago, thus the elevation is now up to 3,776 meters the highest in Japan.


This volcano in Indonesia is part of a volcano complex, and has a turquoise lake on its crater. But no matter how mesmerizing the water is nobody is allowed to take a dip or even a tiny splash from it because of its very high sulfuric content. But what makes this volcano really special is its infamous blue flames which can only be seen at night. Locals call it electric blue fire because of how spellbinding the blue flames are. This fascinating phenomenon is caused when the high sulfuric gases from the volcano collide with a temperature of over 600 degrees.


Guishan Island in Taiwan is more famously known to be the Turtle Island because of its uncanny resemblance to a big turtle but what not a lot of people know that this harmless looking island is actually a volcano and the only active volcano in the whole of Taiwan. It is also a frequent place for dolphin and whale sightings.


South of the Caspian Sea looms a snow-covered volcano, Mount Damavand, the second highest peak in all of Asia. It may have not erupted for thousands of years already but it regularly emits fumaroles and sprouts hot springs on its base, a definite signs of volcanic activity.