6 Reasons Why You Should Visit Tasmania

A lot of people know that Tasmanian Devils can be found in Tasmania, and that’s it. Not many people know the munificence of beautiful scenery, lush green wilderness, and breathtaking views that this country has to offer. Located south of the Australia mainland is this isolated island state. Tasmania offers a lot of reasons on why you should visit this gem of an island, here’s just 6 of those reasons.


Only a few people know that the Aurora Borealis or the Northern Lights also has a southern counterpart known as Aurora Australis. This mesmerizing wonder of the universe is a sight to behold, with green, purple, pink and blue spectacle dancing in the night sky. Tasmania is one of the lucky places where this dancing lights are seen.


Popularly known as MONA, is the most eclectic art museum you could ever go to. This privately funded art house is home to a “Poop Machine” that is excreting a turd, a fat red Porsche, a living man called “Tattoo Tim” sitting there all day displaying his body full of tattoos, and a whole lot of quirky and out-of-this world creations from contemporary artists. But blending with the new art galleries are the artifacts and antiquities.


One of the world’s biggest lavender estate is in Tasmania, with a whopping 120 acres of pure French lavender. Timing is of the essence since you would want to visit the place when the flowers are in full bloom. They also offer different lavender products including a lavender ice cream!


This charming little village is amusing because once you step in, you’ll be transported to a place far, far away called, Switzerland. This Swiss-style village had lived up to its name with fancy little shops, a golf course and a lot of little here are and there that is worthy of a snapshot


This alluring beach in Tasmania’s east coast, is as stunning up close as it is in aerial view. With the crescent-shaped white sand beach and clear azure waters, Wineglass Bay is nothing short of perfect. You can trek all the way up to the viewing platform for the famous wineglass shot or just book a scenic flight to gaze at it from above.


Of course, your trip to Tasmania will not be complete if you will not see these world’s largest carnivorous marsupials. The best place to see them would be in Tasmanian Devil Unzoo, where animals are free to roam around without any fences and can get you up-close encounters with other native Tassie animals.