Eating For Less in New Orleans

A trip to Europe may seem like a pipe dream to those who are currently stretched thin with finances, but even if you do have $10,000 to spend, there are still plenty of options to see the sights. In this article, we will share with you 5 practical tips to seeing Europe cheaply.

Tip 1: Avoid the tourist trap at tourist sites.
The first thing you should do to save money on your European vacation is avoid the trap at the tourist sites. The first thing you should do is be aware of the price you are paying at the trap. You might notice a free ticket or pass, or a free lunch, or even a free tour. Keep in mind that the prices above may not always be the best value, especially when you are paying for a free pass or ticket. However, with a little bit of research, you can see the sites without spending a fortune.

Tip 2: Eat your breakfast at the local cafe.
The next tip is one you may not consider, but is vital in saving money on your European vacation. Skip the breakfast buffet, the coffee shop lunch buffet, and the evening meal buffet. If you are looking to save money, skip these. You can usually find breakfast buffet deals for less than $10, and evening meal buffet deals for less than $20. Skip these at your own risk, but if you have to eat at these, you can get a cheap breakfast and an expensive evening meal for less than $20. This is an inexpensive way to eat breakfast, lunch, and evening meal. If you are a beer enthusiast, you can get a cheap beer and food for $20. Of course, don’t forget to bring your wallet and a few dollars in cash.

Tip 3: Walk.

Yes, the three mile path at a local park is often a long way from anywhere, but it is also often very economical and a fun way to get to know the local area. You can stop at each stop sign and have a picnic with your new friends, and also a great way to find out what you might want to see that you never had time to find out before. Even if you skip the tourist sites, these options are great for walking. The local park, especially if you walk past the many families with children and then have a picnic together is often a great way to see and hang out. They are usually very quiet, and you can meet new friends.