Things to Do When Visiting Malaysia

Malaysia is a melting pot of different cultures, Malay, Indian, Chinese, European and many more. It is considered to be one of the wealthiest country in Southeast Asia, and with this, Malaysia has a lot to offer tourists that would definitely make you thrilled and excited. Here are just some of the must-do things when you visit the country.


The Petronas Tower is undeniably the most iconic structure in all of Malaysia, and rightfully so because it is the world’s tallest twin towers with ultramodern engineering. The touch of Islamic design is a nod to the Muslim majority in the country. The sky bridge is the main attraction here with magnificent sprawling view of the city.


Acres and acres of tea make up Southeast Asia’s largest tea plantation. This 8000 acres of tea is a refreshing vista to behold. Know more about teas, drink some of it, buy tea souvenirs and products, and enjoy all the natural beauty of the place.


Since Malaysia’s major religion is Islam, it would be no wonder that there are a lot of mosques dotting the country. And the most extravagant and the most marvelous of them all is the Crystal Mosque. The fusion of steel, glass and crystal makes up this grandiose structure and the best time to visit it would be dusk when the mosque illuminated from the inside making it appear surreal.


Malaysia is a multi-ethnic country, so aside from Islam, there are also some minor religions that prosper one of these is Hinduism. Batu Caves is a famous Hindu shrine and its limestone hills and caves has been a tourist attraction for many years. The most challenging feat is the 272 steps going to the top with throngs of people also climbing and going down around you.


The country is also blessed with good beaches and the most famous weekend getaway for tourists and locals alike is the Langkawi Island. Laze around on the beach and enjoy the relaxing view of the Andaman Sea or swim in their azure waters and see diverse marine life. You can also shop all you want here since it has a duty-free status.


Your trip to Malaysia wouldn’t be complete if you don’t taste their staple food, Nasi Kandar or “mixed rice”. This is rice topped with flavor-rich curries and meat or vegetables, and there are just so many flavors that you can get addicted with. So treat your taste buds to this sumptuous Malaysian delicacy.