hong kong

Things To See In Hong Kong

Hong Kong is a vibrant cosmopolitan city that combines Western and Asian influence. Renowned as the culinary capital of Asia, food is only one of the highlights of a visit to Hong Kong. There is a wide array of attractions waiting to be discovered, such as:

Known as Mount Austin or The Peak, this is the highest hill on Hong Kong island. The Peak tram takes visitors to the top in a 7-minute ride. Victoria Peak offers an amazing view of the city and this is an exclusive neighborhood that is home to the elite.

In the past, Victoria Peak was home to British administrators who found the conditions here more conducive compared to the humidity that prevails at the sea level.

Ocean Park

A treasured family-friendly attraction, Ocean Park Hong Kong provides a combination of educational opportunities, thrilling rides, and dining experiences.

The marine-themed Aqua City is located at the Waterfront. Whisker’s Harbor is the site to visit for child-friendly carnival games. A cable car ride gets you to The Summit where you will enjoy sights of the sea and beautiful green mountains. The Summit is also the launching site for wet rides.

Hong Kong Disneyland

A fairytale wonderland that offers exotic jungles, Disney characters, and amazing restaurants, Hong Kong Disneyland is filled with excitement. Located on Lantau Island, this theme park offers a host of activities and attractions.

One is Mystic Manor with its enchanted museum. At the ‘Storybook Shoppe’, the ‘Fairy Godmother’ will dress your little one in the princess costume of her choice.

The children will be thrilled to watch their beloved Disney princesses a the ‘Flights of Fancy’ parade. 

For food, Hong Kong-style bites are available at Main Street Bakery.

Explore the Dim Sum Culture

Hong Kong has an abundance of restaurants, literally one on top of another. Many serve Cantonese food, from street stalls to seafood restaurants.

Dim Sum is a well-known Cantonese delicacy eaten throughout the day. It comprises bite-sized dumplings and is usually accompanied by Chinese tea. Dim Sum dishes have vegetable, seafood, and meat fillings, and different methods are used for cooking. Some dishes are fried, others steamed and baked.

Some options you can sample include Shumai which are thin round wrappers filled with pork or shrimp. Shrimp dumplings are chunks of shrimp enclosed in a thin dumpling wrapper. Soup dumplings are filled with hot broth and pork.

Shop at the Temple Street Night Market

The largest and most vibrant evening market in Hong Kong is located in Kowloon. After 2 pm the vendors start to open their stalls and the roads become pedestrian-only. Although a good time to go to the market is from 9 pm onwards when things are buzzing.

An exciting place to experience local culture, the market is a colorful bazaar with a multitude of street vendors and eateries.

You can pick up amazing bargains here, from stalls selling traditional crafts, t-shirts, antiques, paintings, watches, jade, clothing, electronics, and other items. And the best thing is, you can bargain as low as you want.

Hong Kong is affordable, clean, and has very efficient public transportation. With accessible world-class theme parks and great shopping, it is certainly worth a visit.